Sun shines.

Sun shines.
Always and forever =D

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Never know its been a year without updating this blog. 
Changes happened during this one year from last October to this November. 
I guess mentality somehow changed from time to time, not to say that we are getting more and more mature but the way of thinking is different and we tend to think more. 
I was previously in Vitrox and after 8/9 months now I am in Cisco, it was a drastic change for me as the business nature are different although what I am into is more to manufacturing. 
Also, something hasn't change is.. I am still single AF, that was one of my resolution for this year but I have another 1 month to achieve this. LOL what a joke. 
People come and go in our life, having them to stay some needs effort some not.
Thanks to people who still stay with me after I left for a better career.
Thanks to people who provided me help during my first few months in my company now.
I wanted to thank all of you with my sincere heart, without all of you, I wouldn't be who I am now.

This is a good place, that I want to stay forever using alphabets.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I had a dream few days ago..
The dream that was bizarre..
The way we treated each other was so good and peaceful..
Like we are almost in love..
Tell me if we could get back to where we were?
Tell me if I should just let this fade away?
The dream, that we spoke to each other about how we felt..
The dream, that will never happen in real life..
I wish the dream came true, that I am able to love you once again.
Only if  I could afford to lose you again.

It's always me fighting with me.. 

Subconsciously hoping to be so close to you again..
I will let this dream sleeps..

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Good old days...

4 years of university life, now I am 24 and I feel like so much happened during these years, doubtlessly friendship is one main thing changed from time to time. Before writing this post, I actually viewed all the pictures that I have in my photo album named 'All about USM'. Tonnes of photos, people changes through the photos, appearance, personalities, friendship between each other, how do I feel and what I did regret for. Since I have plenty of time before I actually proceed to the new chapter of my life, I would like to write about memories with people who I met, places I have been, dramas that I'd been through and etc. It might be really hard for me to recall everything back in the 4 years but I will write accordingly based on the album. Days in Saujana were really really fun and things I regretted was never able to be close with my roommate because we just don't click that well, on the bright side of this, I actually got more roommates, different roommates for different days of my visit to different dorms.

The original Saujana Roomies! ;)

Legendary 'New Cham'!

Us visiting St. Anne Church

The moment Ivan said something very birdy..

All people showed last finger instead of middle finger!

Meaning we were all pissed off!

Missing those days we were in big gang! *I have another big gang now* 

when we were young.. 

During my first year when I was still so fresh, making friends are as easy as chewing food in our mouth, I made quite a number of friends through orientation programs, mutual friends, classes and also random people who I talked to. Then, I was invited to be part of "Cham-able" which then evolved into "New Cham", that means people who are able to mix well with each other we described them as "Eh Cham". I feel funny too but it's okay to be young and naive with all those group names. People from different states of Malaysia mixed together in this group and we actually have lots of memories visiting different places, hanging out together, pillow talk and heart talk and after that, you got to know people more and that's the time "Beh Cham" happens and actually happened. We started to form small gang in the "New Cham" and then dramas happened as well, of course we came to this decision that whoever wants to leave the group can just do so. This group no longer exists since everyone quit. HAHAHA this basically sums up my first year in USM.

Thanks for asking me to be your assistant!

We were trio and we did a really great job together!

*Professional setup in the fitting room* 

Besides that, first Ipoh gang I knew, actually hosted us in Ipoh. Thanks for hosting us when we were still not too close. Also, I went to my first industrial visit with management gang and it was an awesome trip and thanks for tagging me along no matter what events you guys have in school of management. I can still remember how fun was it in Great Eastern, how coincidentally all of us got G.R.E.A.T.!. each where we actually didn't need to change our place or shuffling around, buffets offered by companies we had together was too good for a trip, night outing at Petaling Street, eating cup noodles together, singing in the bus, those were good old days! Nearly forgot that I was part of USM CNY 2013 in F&B department, with my buddies working together closely to maximize our earnings, minimize our costs, making hundreds herbal eggs, inviting night market's food truck to our event, taking formal pictures in fitting room just to have a free blazer on for better look and I personally feel that our performance was superb but that didn't mean the same to the top committees, we did good and those stupid reproaches were ridiculous! Thanks to one of my once-I-thought best friend for saving those photos for me as memories, wouldn't be able to write this without those photos!

The saujana newbies! hahahaha

The other day of orientation week!

Another 2 cuties I found in Saujana!

Visiting Great Eastern in KL

Getting ready to sing in the bus lol

Visiting Pos Malaysia at night to see the procedure of sorting letters and parcels.

Visiting PKT and having their very nice buffet.

The crew having fun at the back before starting the session.

Visiting I think Sime Darby Property's showroom and met new friend from engineering campus!

We just clicked and this is nice!

Group photo of us! 

My twin sister. BAHAHAHAHA

Later guys, till then!

How clear is it, you can see the world
How deep is it, you look thr
ough one's heart

How well are you to recover from the past
How well are you to progress your future
How are you? :)

Saturday, July 2, 2016

It's time for you to leave and start a new life. 
I know you could be better off and be happy again.
I hope you found someone who will love you so much, 
That all you can see in his eyes is you. 
I wish you nothing but the best, myself. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Airplane home and outside

And here I will continue with my flight meal again. lol. But I need some time to find all the pics.

It's only apple juice or coke on board. Thanks for the friendly serving from air stewardess in flight!

Ta-daa!While its still hot! This is just only some normal spaghetti with nice salad and buns and not to forget the desserts and cheeseeeeee!

This wasn't my favorite breakfast but good enough because I have yogurt. Previously I had Western breakfast in Air France so.. that was better. lol 

This is by far the best meal ever in flight. Everything was superb even the chicken and rice. Thumbs up for this tray! and not to mention their SUPERB in-flight entertainment!

That's the end of my flight meals. Later, will be food I had in Canada! Not all, but part of it, we got to cook ourselves so having to dine in a restaurant is considered luxurious for us!

this is a must try in Canada! Beaver's Tail. They have few flavours but this is the best we had! 

And this too! This is kinda of Quebecois food, which is really good though! Well its just cheese with fries with turkey gravy but everything mixed together is too good! 

this is da BOMB! hahahaha! JAPADOG in Vancouver! I can eat 2 in a serving! DAMN GOOD FOOD!


Days in mom's hut was cool and satisfied and full of love! This is my first time doing sushi with my mom and buddy! Mom made most of it of course. It feels home in Canada! 


Then we had this as breakfast if you ordered when you wake up! hahaha! Its a cozy hut! Order what ever you want, you will have it! lol Never forget this!

This is our dinner, Homemade Shepherd Pie! with some appetizer and salad! Days are good in Canada! 

Sometimes, we will have something like home in Malaysia, Thick Congee as dinner with scallops! 

And sometimes we have seasoned rice as dinner, with big shrimps, scallops, and I dont know what is that called in the plate. This is good too! anyway, everything is good when you are with family!

WHOA AND THIS IS THE BOMB TOO! SEAFOOD SOUP MY FRIEND I INTRODUCE TO YOU! Don't look at it as one normal soup, you will immerse yourself in the flavorful soup and your taste buds can hardly handle!

This is HEAVEN! hahahaha! Just a simple cracker topped with dried oyster and homemade dressing. Simply fascinating and delicious as an appetizer!  

ALL of these are crazily, bloody tasty for me, until they need a post specially dedicated to them! We had so much fun messing around in the kitchen, trying different things, different dishes. Memories are still so fresh in mind, like it was yesterday! But I truly understand, people matter the most. A journey without good companions, is like banana without Nutella.. They are better together! And I still have some food to post too but I will keep it next time because I need to get myself study! 

Later guys! 

Go out, explore the world.
You will see, what's the beauty of nature!
Nature is something we need to explore and preserve.
It's you and me, who can make the world better!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Days in Canada!

Sickness made me free from school and outings and yes that's the reason why I am here again, writing and wandering around in blog spot with some relaxing songs and music playing on and on. Today I would like to write something regarding my getaway to Canada for almost half a year. Sounds cool but it was really cool though, weather was awesome, living experience was great with lots of walking to do. I love writing here because I can actually write so much so much nonsense lol. 

First of all, I would like to thank my buddy for inviting me to embark on a journey to North America and thanks for being a great companion all the time throughout this 6 months. We had been through so much in this one trip. I felt good and secure whenever travelling around with her and thanks for all the invitation to the great U.S.A. and fulfilled the 'American Dream'. Well, I was just feeling very very thankful for everything that I still feel like it was a dream. Visiting so many places in just 6 months time. It was my craziest 6 months ever staying abroad and experiencing everything with only friends and I am sorry to say that because of that I do not really feel home sick. LOL. And there are some pictures I would like to share in my blog too. Just some memorable one I will post and some that represents places that we have been. 

Thanks for sending me off without telling me that you guys were coming.

I always have a thing towards these flight meals. Not too bad for Air France's! 

I think this is still something local from Malaysia, it was like rendang chicken.

Loving this breakfast meal with yogurt and cheese and bun and FYI, you can ask for as many bun as you want from the air stewardess.  

Best cookie I had so far, don't think I can get it anywhere in Malaysia. lol

Our flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris

My best companion!

This is where we lived for 2 months!

In love with Tim Hortons' french vanilla lol only FRENCH VANILLA!

Very quickly, the next day we touched down P.E. Trudeau Airport, we were told that we will be going to visit famous Niagara Falls in Ontario! Mom loves to plan for trips and weekend's outing. lol 

Looking real good early in the morning, I guess that was only 7 in the morning 

Timbits from Tim Hortons. It was actually the dough taken out out from donut so donut can be like ring form lol * not sure if anyone understand what I am trying to say*

Us in the mall with random post with the statues. 

Spectacular and breathtaking scene of Niagara Falls

Ah, my fave breakfast all in one. lol bacon, pancakes, hash browns, sausages, eggs. bloody good!

First cash out in my entire life and also in casino of Niagara Falls.

Then we had this very short visit to Toronto as well. This, the very famous CN Tower

Live baseball match in the Rogers Center. 

Our view from CN Tower, cost us $30 to $40 to go up for that significant view!

No filter but bad quality. lol

I think that's all for today. I think am gonna rest soon. Later people. I have so much to share about this trip, I just could not write it all in one post. I am lucky enough to have this trip before I graduate. I love travelling even more from time to time. Thanks to people in Fairview Crescent 2676, thanks to everyone we encountered along the journey, helpful people and great companion we found. 

Thanks for being my family!